Friday, June 13, 2008

Bad Bad Luck

The summer of '06 was in ways the best and in ways the worst of my life. I had spent the first part in North Carolina, then came back home to Kentucky for a minute. I was hanging out with a girl named Heather who was a witch, always calling on Kali and raining down curses on people, poor girl didn't understand why her own life kept falling apart. She was dark and sad and lived in a big ass doublewide in the country. When I listen to "Winners and Losers," by Social Distortion, I always think of her and our fat friend Derek, who used to make a pasta dish with a couple pounds of cream cheese, and a couple pounds of cheddar, you get the picture. My birthday that year was one of the worst days of my life, just as the birthday one year later was the same. I left Kentucky four days after the Fourth of July and headed west to a little town in Colorado called Leadville. That place is another story, but the point is that after two straight horrible, shitty birthdays, I'm hoping to God that this year things will be at least marginally better. I am listening to "Bad Luck" by the same band, and man, I sure hope my bad luck's gone for at least a little while. Here's to hoping, anyway.

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