Monday, June 9, 2008

Last Chance Cafe

This is something I wrote about a home for addicts and drunks, in a small village called Gastrike Hammarby. This home is the last option for those men in Sweden who have exhausted all other resources, and who are in truth, at the proverbial end of their rope....

Golden leaves on aspen trees
stepping in water that never gets warm
crickets at dawn and thunderstorms sigh
strange colored lightning, a fire is born
ice cream and pancakes, salmon is cheap
where Finnish battalions fought imperious Russians
baptism day in hot tub water
simple amazement as I watch them play soccer
comings and goings, who drink antifreeze
as they sit all alone, uncared for
I cared for them all and I cared too much
never forget the oatmeal and curry
to pay for their rest
no hurry to leave
but plenty
to bleed

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