Monday, June 2, 2008

Like Alice But Deeper

Down a deep dark well she fell she fell
unabashed curiosity and fleeting consternation
puzzling things she saw and felt, indeed unto tasting
the rancid breath of forgotten deeds
flashes bright of yellows, reds
shocked as she was by the sound of her voice
being virtually deaf for a score of years
she buried it herself by conscious choice
in the loamy gloom of primeval places
dusty misplaced only known by the ancients
she watched life spring forth, the hidden agenda
of all possibilities the unknown truth lay exposed
fresh and raw she held it's stare
unblinking, invulnerable
discerning she studied individual facets
upon comprehension a vituperative glare
that faded transformed became a placidity
that would ever forth remain
profoundly conspicuous

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